Reasons for Disqualification

Disqualification is required if a judge cannot impartially hear a case for any reason. MCR 2.003(C)(1)(a)‐(g) list reasons that require the judge’s disqualification in cases where the factors listed are established. According to Michigan Court Rule 2.003(C):

“(C) Grounds.

(1) Disqualification of a judge is warranted for reasons that include, but are not             limited to, the following:

          (a) The judge is biased or prejudiced for or against a party or attorney.

          (b) The judge, based on objective and reasonable perceptions, has either (i) a serious risk of actual bias impacting the due process rights of a party as enunciated in Caperton v Massey, 556 US 868 . . . (2009),[6] or (ii) [] failed to adhere to the appearance of impropriety standard set forth in [MCJC 2] of the Michigan Code of Judicial Conduct.[7]

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