Calling Out MLive!



To begin, and to bring you up to speed….

 In case you’ve missed some of the most recent events, please check out the MLive post that went up today, Thursday, March 17, at 7:32 A.M.

Once you’ve read it, kindly return to this page for development of this experience.

Okay, now you’ve had an opportunity to review MLive’s most recent article about me from this morning, please review the letter I emailed to MLive on Monday, March 14, 66.5 hours before M-Lives early morning post went up. When you review the letter MLive received from me, FOCUS on all of the information that I provided… which MLive omitted.

Then return to this post for the next step.

I’d like the public’s input on the comparison you’ve just experienced between what was reported and what information was omitted. Remember: what certain media omits in its public reporting is often of greater importance than what is actually provided.

For instance, how often does MLive report a landlord-tenant dispute? And what about the way Gower Reddick sent MLive a copy of that petty court case on Friday, March 11, the day the felony charge was brought against me! How self-serving for the Gower Reddick law firm to provide MLive a copy of this petty landlord/tenant case, first filed about three months ago. MLive then quotes Barrister Gower, “He’d be wise to settle this suit with us”. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

Notice too, how MLive NEVER before published anything about my MAJOR court filing on January 2 against Judge Kelly to bar him from handling my cases, now and forever. That is, until my letter on Monday pointed out how MLive “dutifully” reported when Jason Gower sought the disqualification of a Midland judge several years ago … and lost. Only when this discrepancy was pointed out did MLive finally report on my effort to disqualify Judge Kelly from all my cases, scant as their mention was of the case, omitting significant and documented details. We’re covering those omissions and providing the documentation through the past and upcoming posts on this burning community issue:  The integrity of our local district court.

Be sure to watch for the post I’ll put up in the next few days.

For now, I invite the public’s response. Please note that we don’t put credibility in mud-slinging under anonymous names, like MLive does. Most people on Facebook use their real names. For those who don’t, we caution you that their comment may be removed. If someone doesn’t want to stand behind their word, how much credibility can be given to attempted intelligent commentary? We will not allow this Professional Page to be reduced to the antics seen on MLive … where people are allowed to post comments containing fabrication, speculation, misinformation, and sometimes slanderous statements.

On MLive, people are encouraged to post whatever they want without revealing who they are.

Okay. Have at it, folks! Looking forward to replying.

One thought on “Calling Out MLive!

  1. I’m questioning how many people arrested for OWI get a story in MLive. I am former law enforcement. Due to a “philosophy conflict” with Cole Waterman’s father (Sgt Sean Waterman) at Buena Vista Police; I was hated to the core. i left BVPD and have settled into the life of a civilian citizen. After an unfortunate life decision, I was arrested and charged with OWI. Cole Waterman deemed the article important enough to run a article on it. My question is; what about the local plumber or grocery store stocker? Do their OWI arrests get an article? I lost a ton of respect for MLive after this.


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