Jason Gower: An Opportunist Making Mountains Out of Molehills


As we start a new month, I want to set the record straight on an MLive story published March 17 entitled “Bay City Attorney Ed Czuprynski Faces Several Court Cases.” Here’s what REALLY happened on the landlord/tenet case sensationalized by MLive.


I own an apartment house two blocks from my law building and built a garage behind it to house a couple of my classic cars.

In late spring of 2015, a problem tenant and her friend started to park their cars in front of the two car garage doors, thereby preventing me from use of the autos. After asking the tenant several times to quit doing it, I deflated all of her tires one day, (no damage done). And she never did it again!

 Then in the fall, the same tenant changed the lock on her apartment and refused to give me a copy of the key, despite repeated requests, so I put glue in the lock, and she had to replace it with a different lock after crawling through a bedroom window. We went through this routine a few times. There had never been an incident involving an intrusion of her apartment or privacy. We always got permission in advance to go in. There was no reason for her to suddenly lock me out of my own building. Tired of her harassment, and suspicious of her activities inside, I began eviction proceedings.

The tenant, Linda Houle, stopped payment on her last rent check, and forced me to go through the whole legal process, including alternative service, before she vacated late one night, taking some of my personal property with her.

Not surprisingly, the place needed a good cleaning. Since she was a victim of domestic violence when I first rented to her, and her funds were limited, I reduced the rental amount and waived any security deposit. So I paid to have her mess cleaned up, besides being cheated out of her last month’s rent. The judgment of possession was entered on September 28.

Case closed. Right? Wrong! Jason Gower catches wind about the matter and, over four months later, filed a 35 page complaint containing 265 Paragraphs and covering 31 separate counts – all lacked legal foundation. I filed a motion for summary disposition; Mr. Gower has yet to respond.

 Unfortunately, I am presently the victim of a very political prosecution for allegedly driving while impaired due to controlled substances, thus causing a serious personal injury. There was no alcohol or marijuana in my blood. My driving was NOT impaired in any way. A man dressed in all dark clothing crossed a busy highway at 10:30 pm on June 16, against the light, reportedly drunk and texting, and walked into the path of my car. I was going the speed limit, in the proper lane, had the light, and never saw the guy, nor did the couple who were driving directly behind me with a greater peripheral view. Anyone driving a car at the same precise location and time as me, would have struck the man when he stepped into the car’s path.

The lab reports were completed on November 16. I was never cited for a civil infraction nor charged with a crime. Then, three-and-a-half months later, I announced my intention to run for Bay County Prosecuting Attorney on TV – 5 News on February 18. Three weeks thereafter, on March 11, I was suddenly charged with a felony of driving while impaired causing a serious personal injury.

When news of the felony charge was broadcast on March 11, Jason Gower immediately, that same day, mailed a copy of his massive lawsuit filed a month prior involving the landlord/tenant matter to Mlive, which ran with it. Have you ever seen Mlive cover a landlord/tenant despute? Me neither!

Check out Mlive’s sensationalized story about Mr. Gower’s petty landlord/tenant case published on March 17.

Finally, please refer to my professional Facebook page at Edward Czuprynski: Bay Justice Associates and check out my recent post of March 18 entitled, “Calling out Mlive.” It contains the letter I sent to Mlive after they contacted me upon receipt of Mr. Gower’s mailing. MLive had my letter for about 60 hours before it published its hyped-up story. I suggest you read that letter for some insight into Mr. Gower. Here it is.

If anyone wants to see Jason Gower’s massive lawsuit, you can review it here. It’s incredible that an attorney has the time or inclination to become so involved over something so petty.


Click here to see what happened next.


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