Honorary Volunteers


THE FOLLOWING ACTIVISTS have demonstrated exceptional self-application and unabridged activism throughout the course of the petition-drive. 

This honor roll focuses on those committed individuals who have turned in three or more petitions, in the aim of bettering the community—

These committed citizens have portrayed rich belief in the values of community betterment, despite strong influences from a system opposing its reform.

We thank the following individuals for reasons far beyond ballot placement. These citizens have demonstrated a love for their community unhindered, and, in that, an immense selflessness. These are the faces of the citizenry who have played crucial roles in the reform effort, in the belief that we can, will, and must improve the Justice System of Bay County

Allen Histed

37 Petitions, Volunteer Coordination, Activist.

Allen J. Histed's photo.

Carol Booth-Sweet 

36 Petitions, Full-Time Activist, volunteering many days at the Court House.


Michael J. Killey 

9 Petitions, Activist.


Julie Sova 

7 Petitions, Activist.


Jamie Pritchard

7 Petitions, Activist.


Brian M. Donnelly

6 Petitions, Activist.


William French

5 Petitions, Activist.


Jeremy “Jak” Knight

4 Petitions, Activist.



Jamie Humpert

4 Petitions, Activist.


Janice L. Mich

4 Petitions, Activist.


Charles “Chuck” Natkie   

3+ Petitions, Event Volunteer Coordination, Activist.

Richard “Rich” Winchell

3 Petitions, Event Volunteer Coordination, Activist.


Maria Rodriguez *

3 Petitions, Activist. No Photo Available.

Daniel Golumbek

3 Petitions, Activist.


Laurie Windt

Petitions Incoming. Official Volunteer Contact/Phone Bank. Activist.

Activists, Two Petitions Received;

  • Gary L. Tamez
  • Brian Scwartz
  • Sherrie Brissette
  • Niles Fedak
  • Joseph Kaczmarek Jr.
  • Robert Decatur
  • Constance Grimmer
  • Dolores Glaza
  • Richard L. Spencer

Activists, One Petition Received;

  • Jan Badour
  • Cindy Greenwood
  • Julie Johnson
  • Richard Rau
  • Justin Schatzer
  • Mona E. Rodriguez
  • Penny Mularz
  • Heidi Tamez
  • Kevin Jarvis
  • Robert Bird
  • Colleen London

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