“Gower Reddick PLC” … NOT!

On Monday, February 6th—

Jason Gower started his week like any other.

Only this time when he arrived, he discovered his partner, Adam Reddick, as well as four of the five defense lawyers working for them, left en masse, to start their own firm;

Free of Mr. Gower.


Small wonder he filed such a frivolous lawsuit against me last year.

Click here to revisit those articles and see what I mean.

At least Mr. Gower can be thankful Kimberly King, his former secretary (who went to law school while working for his firm) remains part of his legal team. Both King and Gower were unaware of the “friendly” split… before that fateful Monday morning.

I wish a successful and rewarding experience to:

Garske, Hewitt, Reddick, Blata & Jean PLC

in their break for freedom.


2 thoughts on ““Gower Reddick PLC” … NOT!

  1. I can believe that, especially after seeing how shady Brian Jean is and seems to be one of Judge Volbach’s pets. He’s a good actor and makes you think he genuinely cares. If you live in Arenac county, I know a few people who have had dealings with him with less then stellar results.


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