Czuprynski Fights for Medical Marijuana

At sentencing on Jan. 18…

Attorney Ed Czuprynski was ordered by the judge to serve 18 months on probation, triple the recommended 6 months. In addition, Czuprynski was forbidden to consume alcohol or use medical marihuana during that unusually long probationary period.

Ever since the medical use of marijuana was approved in 2008 by 66% of Michigan voters, Atty. Czuprynski has held a patient card. By law, a process was established under the MMMA (Michigan Medical Marijuana Act) to provide those who qualify with a patient card from the State, issued by the Department of Licensing and Regulation Affairs, which included a physician’s certification of the patient’s need to use this particular medication.


Actually, the requirements to obtain the MMMA patient card demands more of the patient than what must be done to get a prescription for Vicodin, Aderrall, Oxycodone, and any other number of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.

Tired of our court system second-guessing the law established by petition of the people and a vote of the public in strong support, I filed a motion to allow my use of medical marijuana while on probation, the motion reveals just how absurd and irrational this probationary condition is, considering it’s a misdemeanor (appealed) that had NOTHING TO DO WITH MARIJUANA OR ALCOHOL.

Click here to read the motion.

Indeed, the court may have acted ILLEGALLY by imposing such a condition on a misdemeanor offense that had nothing to do with medical marijuana. How can a judge impose pain and suffering on someone by forbidding them medicine they find helpful to their chronic pain? How can a judge go against the will of the public? So I also filed a brief that sets forth the law on why the court acted inappropriately (illegally?) in imposing such a condition upon me.

Click here to see the brief.

After I filed my motion, I was given a copy of a protocol that Judge Jurrens adopted (recently?) and intends to use on my request to use medical marijuana. The protocol requires things that a patient could not probably obtain, like a physician’s verification on the recommended dosage of marijuana, and the recommended frequency of its use.

…But what physician is going to verify such a thing?

Especially when the physicians themselves, are not aware of the many strains of medical marijuana, what each strain is best for, or how potent any particular medicine (regardless of strain) is, which determines frequency of use! Besides, there are no medical guidelines for dosage, as with pharmaceutical drugs. Physicians have not widely agreed upon any system to determine how much marijuana should be prescribed based on individual patient needs, varying quality of med. marijuana, and severity of symptoms.

Moreover, the protocol states if you jump through the hoops and do what you’re supposed to do, and get approved to use medical marijuana while on probation, the judge can place limitations and conditions on its use, and the court can also revoke or suspend its approval without reason and at any time.

Click here to see the Judge’s protocol that he requires to be followed if someone wants to use medical marijuana on probation!

Do judges sometimes go too far?

Are you concerned about the erosion of citizens’ rights?

  Will you accept the challenge of standing up and being counted on for what is right and just?

Then attend the sentencing and show your support!

Stand up.

Be counted.

Attend Czuprynski’s hearing on Wednesday.

Feb. 22 at 1:30 PM

 Courtroom #7

Bay County Courthouse, 1230 Washington Ave


One thought on “Czuprynski Fights for Medical Marijuana

  1. Really? They can’t force a violent psychotic person to take their meds and keep people safe, but they can forcibly deny people their prescribed pain medication? Regardless of a judge’s personal feelings about medical marijuana use, he has NO right to deny a patient medicine they need. Oregon does it with their autistic prisoners, and apparently now Michigan does it at will? What the hell kind of human being does it take to deny a person their medications , and deliberately extend the length of time they are going to require it? This isn’t about pain management or marijuana or anything else. This is a power play, pure and simple. This is “i can fuck up your life, and make you miserable… just watch me”. This judge should recuse himself, or be impeached, because he clearly has lost his grip on any semblance of impartiality!


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