How Cool Is This?!



So … I’m in a local restaurant on my way out when I spot a man I knew years ago in my childhood, and whom I see periodically around town. Naturally, I walk over to where he’s sitting to exchange brief greetings. He then politely asked if it was okay to seek some legal advice, and I happily provided it.

As a widely recognized public figure in this community, I am often approached by people to express their support or seek my legal advice, and sometimes both. This happens at grocery stores, on the street, in the Court house, at local restaurants, party stores, baseball games—you name it.  People are always approaching me for free legal advice, and I enjoy giving it because I enjoy people. I’m glad to share my legal knowledge if it can help someone else.

What made this chance encounter different from all others in my 35 years as a local lawyer… came in the mail about a week later! A hand-made, creative and artistic “Thank You” card with a gift card for the Stock Pot Diner as a gesture of this man’s gratitude. Never before had I ever received a “thank-you” card for my on-the-spot advice.

Usually, it’s a card expressing gratitude for the way a case was handled or an outcome I obtained.

Truly, this man is unique …and very talented!

Untitled design (2)

I very much appreciated this gentleman’s gesture in creating my special card. That was quite “enough” payment.  I am very proud it. FYI:  I passed along the gift card to a deserving person who needs a hot meal more than me.

In our crazy world, where acts of kindness and grateful gestures like this are so rare, recognition is deserved.

Don’t you agree?


Jerry Cervantes:

Good citizen. Considerate Man.

 Talented Artist.


Flip through the card here!

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