Visiting Wilanow Palace

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WILANOW PALACE – Warsaw’s top palace dates back to 1677, a hundred years before our country was founded. Miraculously, Wilanow survived WWII almost unscathed. Although it’s furnishings and art were pilfered by the Germans, and then the Russians, Poland spent millions of dollars retrieving and reinstalling them following the war. The Palace served as the King’s summer resort and is adjoined by a splendid 111 acre park that contains a variety of landscaping. The pictures that follow includes a candid one of me laying on my back while capturing a shot of one of the spectacular ceilings – taken by my friend and travel companion, Paul Swiercz. Accompanying us was Anna Stec, A Warsaw resident and friend of some Polish immigrants, Richard and Joanna, who live in West Branch and graciously offered their Warsaw apartment for my stay out of gratitude for my successful defense of their son several years ago.

Introducing Paul! We first met nearly 50 years ago when we drove trucks together at 7-Up on Salzburg…Years before we knew I would be a lawyer and he would become a world renowned professor at George Washington University.

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Here we pose for a selfie with our friend Anna (below), who was kind enough to drive us to the Wilanow Palace and show us around.

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 Keep scrolling!

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Let’s start with some pictures of the palace exterior—I couldn’t fit it in one panoramic.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Unique greenery at the Wilanow Palace. (Above)

Ceiling artwork (below). Check out how the artist gives the illusion of a foot dangling from the painting.

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And a picture of those pictures being taken!


Above—the King’s bedroom!

& Some of the furnishings up close…

Below—these don’t look like ovens, but they are!


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