Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan

The Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan held a seminar focused on Attorney Czuprynski Court of Appeals victory…


The Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan (CDAM) held a seminar this month that focused on Attorney Ed Czuprynski’s recent victory in the Court of Appeals which reversed and dismissed a misdemeanor conviction against him.

In June 2015, a drunk man with a high BAC of 0.19 wearing all dark clothing ran into the path of Czuprynski’s vehicle at 10:30 p.m. while crossing a five-lane state highway against the light. At the trial, Czuprynski represented himself and was found not guilty of a more serious felony charge, but convicted of a misdemeanor count added a couple of weeks before trial. Czuprynski fought back and appealed.  In August, the Court of Appeals published its ruling reversing Czuprynski’s conviction and dismissing the charge against him – making new law, good law – because only about 3-5% on the higher court’s rulings are published, meaning they make new law. The prosecuting attorney appealed the ruling that CDAM focused on. Czuprynski remains confident that the Supreme Court will also rule in his favor.

Czuprysnki fought the good fight for himself, just as he does for his clients, & won!




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