Marijuana Law Reform

Untitled4.pngThe State Bar of Michigan Recognizes, Honors Attorney Ed Czuprynski at an Awards Banquet in Traverse City, for being a “Pioneer” in Michigan’s Marijuana Reform Movement

The State Bar of Michigan, Marijuana Law Section, recognized Bay City’s prominent attorney Edward M. Czuprynski as one of only 28 Michigan lawyers honored as “Pioneers” in the advancement of the Michigan Marijuana Reform Movement. Czuprynski and others were acknowledged because “their position added to the legitimacy of the thoughtful assessment as they put their reputation on the line when publicly making their opinion known.” See Plaque honoring Attorney Edward Czuprynski’s efforts in Marijuana Law Reform

Czuprynski’s plaque cited his 1993 federal case when he became the only person in U.S. history to be federally indicted, convicted, and sent to federal prison for possession of only 1.6 grams of marijuana. The very politically motivated case was so extraordinary it drew national attention, reported by USA Today, The Atlantic, and others. After a 3½ year court battle, Czuprynski’s conviction was ultimately reversed and the charge dismissed.

For details on the federal case see The Champion article, published in December 1998 by the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys entitled “L’Affaire Czuprynski Revisited”, which cited the “shameful abuse of power exercised in this case”.

Czuprynski’s plaque was presented to him during an awards ceremony/dinner in Traverse City on October 26, 2018, when he was given a standing ovation. See the video of the presentation when the plaque was awarded to Czuprynski and he received a standing ovation.

Following the award ceremony, Czuprynski was asked many questions from people in the audience. See a short video, taken without Czuprynski’s knowledge, covering someone’s inquiry about his prison experience.

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