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“I appreciate everything you did. You worked hard and gave realistic expectations. Thanks for taking my call on a national holiday as well. I was surprised that you not only answered the phone yourself, but gave some of your time to give advice and guidance. Even if I stopped by and you were headed to an appointment, you gave me 5 mins. Good lawyer, better person!”

                                                   – Steven Pogorski

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“I hate when a lawyer pumps a prospective client telling them what they want to hear – even when the attorney knows he can’t deliver – just to get the case, whether civil or criminal.  Not me.  I provide straight talk and offer legal guidance to achieve “realistic expectations”, and then “work “hard” to obtain them ….. and sometimes more!  Appreciative people like Steven Pogoreski makes it all worthwhile, and gives me deep satisfaction for the extra efforts I often make on their behalf.”                    – Ed Czuprynski



– Criminal defense -Civil actions
– Bankruptcies – Expungements
– Driver License Restorations
– Family law (Divorces, Custody, Other)
– All personal Injuries – Wrongful death,
– Medical Malpractice – Social Security
– Disability – Workers Comp – Auto Accidents
– Family law (divorces, custody, other) 

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steve pogoreski

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